Our attractive working conditions
We are committed to unbureaucratic, customer-centric and cost-efficient implementation of the 1st pillar (old-age and survivors' insurance, disability insurance, maternity/paternity benefits and family benefits). Our clients include major employers with an international focus as well as small to medium-sized enterprises from all sectors and all parts of Switzerland. The companies affiliated to us employ around 300'000 workers to whom we provide first pillar services. In addition, more than 40'000 pension recipients belong to our compensation office. The work is varied and diverse, which reflects the heterogeneity of our clientele. Our compensation office employs a staff of 80. The manageable size of the company cuts red tape and ensures that hierarchy is irrelevant in day-to-day dealings. We are easy-going and collegial. A positive atmosphere at work is important to us and one of our strengths.
Wages and pensions
We pay fair wages that reflect the qualification and experience of our staff. Good performances are rewarded as part of our bonus system. A healthy and stable company pension scheme gives our employees an added sense of security. Our in-house staff pension foundation provides excellent benefits that exceed the statutory minimum by far.
Catering and fringe benefits
Our generous Lunch-Check Policy gives inexpensive meals to our employees. They are also entitled to discounted Reka Check holiday and recreational vouchers and we offer you the U-Abo as jobticket (you only pay the young adult’s reduced rate). All of our employees are covered by first class accident insurance with no co-pay. Free coffee and tea add the finishing touches to our benefits scheme.
Staff development
Employees wishing to acquire further qualifications in the area of social insurance are assured of our unfailing support. Indeed, we pay the entire course fees and extend flexitime credits for staff members wishing to enrol in the state-certified course for social insurance specialists. We have also collaborated with an external coach since summer 2018. Annual workshops are designed to get individual teams and ultimately the whole company fit for the future.
Work-life balance
Providing 5 weeks of holidays per year, we operate a flexitime system averaging at 41 hours per week between 6:00 am and 7:00 pm (core time 9:00–11:00 am and 2:00–4:00 pm); parttime work is also possible. Compensation of up to 7 additional leave days is also granted to compensate flextime credit. We also pay some of the fees for gym, pilates, yoga and other courses to promote the health and balance of our staff.
Modern working environment
We work in a modern commercial building with bright, welcoming and spacious offices. The furnishings are designed according to the latest ergonomic standards. All workplaces are equipped with heigh-adjustable tables, two large screens and a telephone with headset.

We steadily improve and upgrade our electronic mailbox system to create a largely paperless organisation. State-of-the-art computer equipment and our own IT team support us in our work.
We are just a five minute walk from the central Basel SBB railway station. The public transport connections to our offices are extremely convenient so that our employees travel just a few minutes to work. Those who prefer to travel to work in the comfort of their own car can rent a space in the in-house garage. Bicycles and motorbikes can be parked free of charge.
Celebrations and parties
Last but not least: we stick to the traditions that many others have gradually abandoned. Each year we organise an all-day excursion and a Christmas party. Several informal get-togethers are also held each year to mark special occasions such as work anniversaries. So there are various opportunities to get to know each other over a glass of wine, without having to talk shop all the time.
Interested? And are you looking for a fresh professional challenge? Then email your résumé to job@ak40.ch, either in response to a vacancy or as an unsolicited application.

Contact Ms Cinzia Arduini if you have any questions.

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