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Registration (legal persons, self-employed persons, non-working persons)
Registration as non-employed
Anmeldeformular für Selbständigerwerbende, Personengesellschaften und juristische Personen
General administration forms
Change of address for companies
Change of address for individuals and self-employed
318.180   Payment to a personal bank or post office account
318.260   Insurance certificate request
318.269   Application form for income splitting upon divorce
318.269.1   Additional application for income splitting upon divorce
602.101   Claim for refund of OASI contributions
Antrag auf Berichtigung der Personalien in einem amtlichen Personenregister des Bundes
Debit authorization form Debit Direct / LSV +
Ein-/Austritte von Personal und Lohnsummenanpassung
OASI/DI/EO/ALV contribution forms
Änderung der Akontobeiträge Selbständigerwerbender
Ein-/Austritte von Personal und Lohnsummenanpassung
OASI (Old-age and Survivors' Insurance) benefits
318.370   Old-age pension application form
318.371   Survivors pension application form
318.282   Request for a projected/provisional pension calculation
318.386   Cancellation of old-age pension deferral
EO-MSE-VSE (income replacement, maternity and paternity allowance)
318.750   Maternity Allowance Application Form
318.751   Supplementary Maternity Allowance Application Form
318.748   Supplementary Paternity Allowance Application Form
318.749   Employer declaration form - For men who are unemployed and in military service and not in receipt of unemployment benefits
International affairs
Activity in two or more states (CH, EU or EFTA): Application for a certificate A1 (Tip : Use the web application ALPS)
Application to remain subject to Swiss social insurance legislation during the temporary exercice of a professional activity abroad (Tip: Use the web application ALPS)
Application for not gainfully employed spouses abroad
Employer-Employee Agreement (Art. 21, Reg. (EC) No. 987/09)
Hinweise zum Ausfüllen von Anträgen für Unterstellungsbescheinigungen
Anleitung zur erstmaligen Anmeldung ALPS
The most frequently asked questions about the certificate A1 (in german)
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